Bardakçı Koyu / Bodrum / Türkiye - Bodrum / Muğla

In ancient times, there was a lake named as Salmakis in the bay today known as Bardakci. A beautiful fairy who bears the same name with the lake, was living in this lake. One day, when Salmakis was taking a bath in the lake, Hermes and Hermaphrodite, Aphrodite's son, saw her and fell in love with her. However, Hermaphrodite rejected her. Salmakis was very upset and made a plea to the gods to bring them together. The gods pardoned Salmakis and united them in one body. From that day on, Salmakis and Hermaphrodite lived in a single body that had dual gender.


Main Restaurant

In our buffet restaurant, prepared with visual designs, where Turkish and World cuisines are met, you can turn your dining experience into an exciting journey from entrée to desserts with a wide variety of special flavors. Decorated with Ottoman style, main restaurant has open and closed areas and welcomes you with its magnificent Bodrum and sea view.

Poseidon A La Carte Restaurant

Poseidon A La Carte restaurant presents the special examples of seafood at Salmakis Resort & Spa, and fascinates its guests in the unique Bodrum nights. Accompanied by magnificent sea and Bodrum view, our restaurant, in which you can taste special appetizers and fresh seafood special to the Aegean Region, serves in the Lobby terrace against Bodrum Castle.


If you are looking for tastes that will sweeten your palate during the day, you can find many alternatives prepared with care in our patisserie. You can take a short tea break in our patisserie where delicious cookies, sweets and pastries are served and enjoy its view overlooking the magnificent Bardakci bay.

Lobby Bar

You can taste hot drinks and pastries or enjoy your drinks with pleasure in the Lobby Bar, with its decoration designed with modern Ottoman architecture, decent atmosphere and relaxing color inspired by the Bodrum Sea. Designed as a pleasant chat environment, the Lobby Bar has a fascinating atmosphere throughout the whole day.

Pool Bar

Cool off with a wide variety of drinks at the Pool Bar, right in the heart of Salmakis Resort & Spa. You can spend time with your friends, take some rest with your family during the day, or sip your drinks before or after your meal in the Pool Bar on the long summer evenings.

60.00 € 51.00 €
Tarih Aralığı Konsept Oda Tipi İki Kişilik Odada Kişi Başı İki Kişilik Odada Tek Kişi İlave Yatak Çocuk Öz. Taksit Seç.
01 Nisan 2018
12 Mayıs 2018
ALL INCLUSIVE STD SEA VIEW 60.00€ 51.00 € 90.00€ 76.50 € 42.00€ 35.70 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
13 Mayıs 2018
10 Haziran 2018
UAL STD 79.00€ 67.15 € 118.50€ 100.72 € 55.30€ 47.00 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
11 Haziran 2018
24 Haziran 2018
UAL STD 100.00€ 85.00 € 150.00€ 127.50 € 70.00€ 59.50 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
25 Haziran 2018
19 Temmuz 2018
UAL Standart Deniz Manzaralı Oda 120.00€ 102.00 € 180.00€ 153.00 € 84.00€ 71.40 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
20 Temmuz 2018
25 Ağustos 2018
UAL Standart Deniz Manzaralı Oda 130.00€ 110.50 € 195.00€ 165.75 € 91.00€ 77.35 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
26 Ağustos 2018
26 Eylül 2018
UAL Standart Deniz Manzaralı Oda 109.00€ 92.65 € 109.00€ 92.65 € 76.30€ 64.86 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
27 Eylül 2018
08 Ekim 2018
UAL Standart Deniz Manzaralı Oda 80.00€ 68.00 € 120.00€ 102.00 € 56.00€ 47.60 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
10 Eylül 2019
31 Ekim 2018
UAL STD 65.00€ 55.25 € 97.50€ 82.88 € 45.50€ 38.67 €
Bilgi bulunmuyor.
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